The problem:
As commission-only independent contractors, many real estate agents have difficulty maintaining a stable cash flow month-to-month, let alone saving enough for retirement.
The solution:
Joining a referral network brings monthly income even when you have zero closings, gives you access to collaboration and marketing tools and even helps saving for retirement while you sleep.
Member Benefits
  • Residual Income
  • Ability to Work for Any Broker in the Network
  • Customizable Virtual Office
  • Web-Based (Nothing to Install)
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Permissions Management
  • Transaction Automation
  • Workflow Management
  • Real-Time Pipeline Management
  • Real-Time Tracking and Reporting
  • Fillable CAR Forms
  • Document Management
  • One-Click Document Packaging
  • Built-In Vendor Services
  • Built-In Escrow Solution
  • Built-In Email, eFax and SMS
  • Calendar, Tasks & Reminders
  • Client Management
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Short Sale Processing Tools
  • Skilled Short Sale Processors
  • One-Click Title Order

How does it Work?

First of all, let’s make it perfectly clear: Realty Network Solutions is not just another Broker attempting to recruit you into his or her company. The fact of the matter, RNS never intends to hire any agents. The sole purpose of RNS is to assist other Real Estate Brokers and Agents with referrals, residual income and technology.

If you, as a Real Estate Agent fail to sell a house this month or year, how much money will you make from real estate sales? Of course, we know the answer is zero.

Having asked this question, we would like to introduce our new and exciting company, Realty Network Solutions. The opportunity RNS brings to Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents throughout California is unprecedented. What if we said RNS is creating a “Network” of Real Estate Brokers and Agents throughout California that will allow Real Estate Agents to receive “Residual Referrals from Agents and/or Brokers that you recruit into the RNS System”. At the same time, all RNS Agent Members will have the opportunity to go to work for any RNS Broker Members at a 90%, 95%, or 100% commission split.

It is often said that real estate agents are in the people business. More specifically, real estate agents are in the business of networking. Building a network of referrals is a lot easier when you have a support of your own network. Do you get enough support and strategic advice from your broker?

Does your Broker offer newest technology, generous commission split and opportunities to make passive income and even save for your retirement?

If your Broker is a member of the network that helps everyone succeed!

RNS provides real estate agents with an unprecedented productivity suite by streamlining tedious tasks and increasing revenue. Our Recruitment Referral System Plan agents to take control of their finances and changes broker/agent relationship from forced cohabitation to collaboration and profitability.

Agent Members will have the opportunity to work for any RNS Broker Member at a 90%, 95%, or 100% commission split. For every Sales Associate an agent recruits into any RNS Member Real Estate Brokerage, he/she earns a referral when those agents close a transaction.

Talk to your Broker today and see if he/she is open to learning more about RNS.